Dubai is the first tourist place for holidays and the best place for renting a yacht. If you’ve ever dreamt of yacht cruising along the pristine waters of the Arabian countries in your private vessel, you may be wondering about the cost of renting a yacht in Dubai.

How much is a yacht in Dubai for rent
How much is a yacht in Dubai for rent

So, How much is a yacht in Dubai for rent?

The price of renting a yacht in Dubai can vary depending on various factors, including the

  1. Size of the yacht
  2. Duration of the rental
  3. Renting time
  4. The time of year

Typically, yacht rental prices in Dubai start at around AED 450 per hour for a smaller yacht in the summertime, an entry-level yacht. However, as you venture into the larger and more luxurious yacht, the prices can increase extremely, up to 5 000 000 for the most expensive yacht trip. The average price for rent yacht in Dubai in 2024 (harbour, marina, creek) for normal yacht 700 aed (190$) to 10 000 aed (2700$)

Small yachts, often suitable for small groups of 1 to 5 people excluding the yacht crew team, Mid-size yachts could onboard 5-25 people, while larger and more luxurious yachts could onboard up to 100 people with larger guest capacity command higher rental yacht rates.

Most yacht rental companies in Dubai offer various options,

  1. Including hourly
  2. Half-day
  3. Full-day
  4. Overnight charters

Longer rental yacht periods will be accompanied by higher charges.

During the high tourist season, which is between October and April, rental rates may be higher same as in hotels. To secure the best prices, it is advisable to book well in advance and consider renting during the off-peak months when prices may be more affordable in summertime.

While the rental cost covers the use of the yacht, additional charges may apply for fuel, crew, and optional extras such as water sports equipment, food, beverages, and decoration for birthdays or some events These additional charges can vary depending on the yacht rental company and the specific services you opt for during your rental.

To avoid any surprises, it is always recommended to have a clear understanding of

  1. Rental terms and conditions
  2. Breakdown of costs
  3. Additional charges
  4. Cancellation policies

So to rent yacht in Dubai in good condition, book your yacht in addvace it will save you monye and follow all notes about rent yacht in Dubai.


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