Sailing in Luxury Charter Yacht in Dubai

Incredible news on the horizon! UV II, the dazzling 44m ISA GT 45 yacht, has officially set sail under new ownership.

Since making waves in 2023, UV II has been stealing the spotlight, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with jaw-dropping design. Beyond being just a yacht, this full-displacement vessel is a statement, harmonizing top-tier performance with a refined sense of style.

A Symphony of Design and Technology:

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Let’s dive into the standout feature UV II’s exclusive sanctuary, the multimedia room. Nestled between the master suite and the main salon, this secret haven for music aficionados boasts thick, sound-proofed doors, high-definition speakers, and a colossal TV. It’s a musical utopia.

And guess what? UV II illuminates the seas with a neon glow, thanks to its ultraviolet nameplate and underwater hull lights. Designed by Luca Dini, the interior dazzles with backlit wall panels, mirrored TVs, and textured ceilings a minimalist spectacle that captivates.

Luxury Living, Onboard and Beyond:

Now, let’s explore the decks. Enrico Gobbi’s sporty exterior design adds an extra layer of allure to UV II. Picture a sundeck with a partly shaded hardtop, a transparent plunge pool, and a sprawling alfresco dining area. Oh, and a forward-facing cocktail bar for those picture-perfect port arrivals.

Upstairs, a chic circular dining table on the upper deck accommodates 14 guests, surrounded by glass sliding doors seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. The owner’s suite boasts a side balcony, and a private owner’s area forward on the bridge deck offers intimate retreats. UV II, the owner’s third yacht, is a floating palace, featuring custom touches like marble bathrooms, day heads on every level, and lofty ceiling heights.

Living the Yacht Life in Dubai:

But here’s the exciting twist UV II isn’t just a yacht; it’s a lifestyle. Now, envision living this dream in Dubai. Charter this beauty right here in the city of opulence. Whether it’s a weekend escape, a special celebration, or a corporate event, chartering UV II in Dubai adds an extra layer of exclusivity. Picture gliding through the sparkling waters of the Arabian Gulf, surrounded by the luxury of Dubai, and experiencing the epitome of yachting opulence.

A Nautical Paradise:

Hold on, we’re not done. UV II doesn’t just stop at looking pretty. It features a dedicated beach club at the stern, complete with a lounge and a private wine fridge pure luxury! Accessible via a lifting transom, the beach club opens onto a spacious swim platform, creating an unparalleled seafaring experience.

So, UV II is not just a yacht; it’s a lifestyle. From its hidden music haven to the neon ambiance and the beachside retreat, UV II is a dream come true. Hats off to everyone involved in bringing this maritime wonder to life! And for those seeking the ultimate yachting experience, don’t miss the chance to charter UV II and make Dubai your luxurious nautical playground.


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